Light Up the Night with a Backyard Show

We offer a wide range of backyard firework shows in Nelson, WI

Traynor's Fireworks offers a one of a kind fireworks experience. Our staff are trained to create a backyard show just for you at our Nelson, Wisconsin location. The Traynor Fireworks backyard show experience is customer focused and specialized for your audience. Whether you love sky filling aerial fireworks, ground displays of fountains that crackle in brilliant color, big booming sound effects, or a completely Minnesota Legal Backyard Show, a backyard fireworks show from Traynor's Fireworks will be a smash hit for all ages.

Make the trip to Traynor's Fireworks in Nelson, Wisconsin an annual 4th of July tradition. Many families have trusted Traynor's Fireworks for generations. We are thrilled to see 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th generation customers who have kept the tradition of fireworks thriving. Bring the whole family and take a multigeneration picture on one of our rockets.

Come see us at N113 North Main Street, Nelson, Wisconsin! Make a Traynor's Fireworks Backyard Show your 4th of July Tradition.

End your event with a skyfilling finale

If you're hosting a backyard celebration in the Nelson, WI area, rely on Traynor's Fireworks to provide the supplies for your grand finale. We offer all kinds of fireworks for you to have the ultimate backyard firework show.

Our fireworks are perfect for...

  • The Fourth of July
  • Backyard weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Block parties

Pick up your fireworks ASAP before your favorites run out. We look forward to seeing you.